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WARS- Jeremy Deller and America

To follow is a letter I have had no luck sending over to Jeremy…

Hello Jeremy,

I enjoy the work very much and I find our approach and observations , at times, similar with to one another.  One of the main differences being our citizenship; my being American and you British.  Which as an artist is very important to the specifics and context of making work.  You also have three years on me in the sixties but I have no less of a respect and inspiration for the entirety of the counter culture movement and its effect on us now.  

The reason I was prompted to write you is the recent release I received on your project with CreativeTime, The New Museum and others- ‘It Is What It Is’ .  It is perfectly timed and a great reminder for the fast moving American and all the media distractions around the economy which results in less coverage and reminders of the devastating wars going on.  With this said my only question is why you don’t mention the involvement of the UK in this war?  Seeing how you are British I know it is important to you, and I am amazed at your fascination with America but remember the wars wouldn’t have happened without the UK involvement; past, present and future.  I hope this comes to surface more than once with your tour through the US.  I also find it funny that you will not make it to the Bay Area with your project.  What is the intention in this?  Have they already been won over and need no prompted discussions around the current wars?  I also wonder if you have done sufficient research to achieve the understanding that the greatest Middle Eastern populations exist in the Bay Area of California.  

I am looking forward to seeing what kind of bats make it out of this cave.

All the best, Mark


SAVE robert smithson’s spiral jetty, 1970

SAVE robert smithson’s spiral jetty, 1970

This is one of the worst examples of America caring for its public art. It brings sadness to my mind. Thinking…feeling the slightest chance this seminal work will be harmed. Think about the future for once America!

look at this site for more info-

my sent letter(please send yours)-

February 7, 2008

Jonathan Jemming
Public Lands Policy Analyst
Public Lands Policy Coordination Office
5110 State Office Building
Salt Lake City, Utah 84114

Via email:

RE: Application #8853

Dear Mr. Jemming,

I full heartedly object to anything happening in and around the seminal work Spiral Jetty by the artist Robert Smithson. This work should be cherished by the state of Utah and this includes its government officers. One would never propose to drill near the Washington Monument. I view this artwork as a comparable monument to a different era of American history. To further my objection I would like to bring Utah’s attention to the tragic death Robert Smithson had fall upon him and the consequence of this is a very limited body of completed public work. As a citizen of this country I plead with the state of Utah to find it within themselves to be a generous steward to a grand vision for all in the global landscape.

The Spiral Jetty brings me hope and inspiration. It is a work that has vision well beyond its time of creation. As the world turns to repairing itself from the destruction of 20th century industry, the Spiral Jetty reclaims that space in its beautiful location (Great Salt Lake) and presents the viewer with a glimpse of something bigger. Just as nature has allowed the Spiral Jetty to come back to its magnificence so should the state of Utah. Make a statement and allow the federal government the opportunity to preserve this truly spectacular piece of Land Art from the 20th century.