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FREE- Public Perception and Investment in US Public Art

Public Perception and Investment


The growth of public sculpture and installation has happened with private funding in the United States.  The Public Art Fund in NYC has been doing amazing projects along all parts of the island of Manhattan and the fringes of its boroughs.  The name would lead you to believe this is a publicly funded operation.  It is not!  The fall of the NEA lead to a major marriage between art and industry.  The CEO’s of the industries also became the leading collectors of Art News profiles.  Some of the biggest collectors and supporters have been: The Gap, Enron, Progressive Insurance, Citibank and plenty more.  Yes the work landed in the public through the private funding of non profit projects in the public realm.  The realization of many projects we have learned about have only been possible with large private investment.  Yes the government partially supports some of the projects, but it was the overwhelming support from the private sector that supported a much larger percentage.  It should also be noted that this same network of investors have been leaders on the boards of a great many museums in the US and abroad.


I find it funny that you blame the art press.  They are guided by their advertising dollars and that comes in from the private sector.  The main mission is to review current exhibitions in galleries, the related artists and concepts in the museums and the occasional profile on private collectors.  The direction for exposure and critique is best left to groups like The New York Times.  This is a solid network of informed journalists.  If there is a lack of exposed public sculptures in the press, I believe it is because there have been few realized in the past decades.  At this time there is a big paradigm shift and I will assure you that it will bring a great increase in exposure to brilliant public installations and sculptures.  



Transformation- RAIN

A world set into motion. There is no longer time to sit around and watch your generation grow old.  Now is the time to become the voice and action of change.  We don’t know all that much.  They killed the natives before understanding their keen sense of the land that they stole.  Let us now ask questions and push up the stream that will sustainably filter our actions into a cleaner body of thought.  Quality rots in the minds of the educated.  They throw tradition in your face to quell the uprising.  Tradition is based on knowing less then the present.  Let us move beyond this.  Compost your waste to gain an understanding of death.  There is no need for gold when you have solar and wind.  Remember all that surrounds us is part rock, air and water.  It is that basic!  Let us simplify our landscape and make for a multicultural community around unity, health and freedom.