little boy and the scenic view

little boy … scenic view

Yesterday as I looked out at the Pacific Ocean I was struck with a heightened awareness of the many lost souls flying above the sea.  It brought me back to an earlier conversation where I was reminded that over 80,000 people died in the course of an hour on August 6, 1945.  Hiroshima and the American NUKE named ‘little boy’, the child of a bigger package named ‘Fat Man’.  After processing this knowledge with some other facts I came across this week- over 42,000 Vietnamese have died because of left behind American land mines, this happened between 1976 (the end of the war) and 2005.  All of this informed my every step of silence in a walking meditation.  Allowing the many lost in the name of WARS pass thru me.  I concluded the walk with this thought- Peace never killed a soul.

Later as I redirected my view a pang came over my core.  Twitter brought down by hackers for nearly 24 hours and a slower version of facebook during the morning hours- ‘denial of access’ for all free beings looking for speed.  Upon a closer look I found the president (lowercase for a reason) of Iran is being sworn in for a second term on the Koran and the million never showed.

As the day came to an end I scratched my head in disbelief that no media groups even spoke of the day ‘little boy’ was dropped by an American man flying over Japan.   Is this why WARS go on?  We don’t talk about them?  This sounds a lot like my childhood in New England where we said very little and didn’t see that much change.

I hope that my little boy grows up learning a different understanding of the past, future and present.  Yesterday gave me little HOPE.  We should never live a breathing moment in FEAR.  We need to shift this tide and slowdown.  Start looking at the physical landscape closely and move forward with educated conversation on the future, without war and with a world connected by free communication.



  Susan Danis wrote @

We’ve got one now in Afghanistan that we need to stop.

  Karen Lacey wrote @

Good to think about social responsibility, header to teach it.

  Paul wrote @

I love this post… and you. May your little boy see a different future impacted by your insight. LOVE

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